100 persuasive research topics for history class

A persuasive essay is used to persuade the audience of your convictions and arguments. Writing a persuasive essay requires many considerations.

However, the first important thing is to choose the right topic. If you are wondering, what kind of topics can I write my paper on? Here, I will give you a list of topics to choose from.

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  1. Religion’s importance in ancient history
  2. Ancients symbolism used for religion
  3. Rulers accepted out of fear
  4. Love in history
  5. Egypt’s pyramids as a symbol of glory
  6. Egyptian pride in their culture
  7. Alexander’s Influence on Western culture
  8. Alexander’s Influence on Eastern cultures
  9. The Egyptians’ deification of Alexander
  10.       The deification of Alexander by the Romans
  11.       The posthumous modification of Alexander’s image
  12.       Did Alexander’s generals live up to the glory of the Alexandrian kingdom?
  13.       Was Alexander the Great’s attack in retaliation to Persia’s attacks?
  14.       Was Alexander a great ruler?
  15.       Was Alexander able to succeed due to his father’s army?
  16.       Domestication of animals benefited humankind
  17.       Did the cultivation of wheat meet the nutritious needs of people?
  18.       The Nordic people declined due to their raiding
  19.       Ancient religions evolved due to drug use
  20.       Did the use of hallucinogens influence the prophetic experience?
  21.       Drug usage influenced the fighters during wars
  22.       Germany caused the world wars
  23.       Was the Treaty of Versailles justified?
  24.       Did the treaty of Versailles push Germany into another war?
  25.       Nuclear weapons restored world peace
  26.       Are nuclear weapons preventing a third World War? Not everyone is an expert writer that is why people opt for a "write my essay" service to write it for them.
  27.       Did the British empire impoverish its colonies?
  28.       Could an organized Indian Partition have prevented the widespread bloodshed?
  29.       Could the careful division of territories have prevented the Kashmir issue?
  30.         Was the allocation of a separate land for the Jews after World War I justified?
  31.       Was the creation of Israel the reason for the unrest in the Middle East?
  32.       Was the Cuban missile crisis preventable?
  33.       Was the American War on Terror reall beneficial?
  34.       Was the invasion of Vietnam really necessary?
  35.       Is the human cost of the operation in Afghanistan justified?
  36.       Is the human cost of the War on Terror justified?
  37.       Did the USA make the right move in leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban?
  38.       Is the monarchy in Saudi Arabia the result of the British’s dealings?
  39.       Could World War 2 have been prevented?
  40.       The death of Ferdinand caused WWI
  41.       Germany’s military advantage after the  the World Wars
  42.       Radio technology improvements due to the World Wars
  43.       Churchill’s role during the war
  44.       Was Churchill responsible for the Indian famine?
  45.       Could the Chernobyl explosion have been prevented?
  46.       World War 1 ended due to the nuclear attacks
  47.       Cultural change accelerates due to globalization
  48.       Capitalism is responsible for social inequality
  49.       Has socialism failed?
  50.       The actual facts behind the US Civil War

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  1.       Emancipation of blacks: a political move
  2.       British taxes on the colonies forced them to revolt
  3.       Who was responsible for the crusades?
  4.       Jerusalem: a political problem
  5.       Societal Benefits of the gender divide in the 17th century
  6.       Could the Black Death have been prevented?
  7.       Industrialization responsible for Thames’s pollution
  8.       Witch hunts as a method of social control
  9.       The role of women in the World Wars
  10.       Slavery is an important institution of capitalism
  11.       The Russian Revolution’s benefits for the working class
  12.       Are science and religion historically dissociated?
  13.       The first Ice Age was ended by global warming
  14.       Dinosaurs went extinct due to a meteor
  15.       Humans retain ancient languages
  16.       Cave art succinctly depicts early human lives
  17.       Family as an important institution in history
  18.       Industrialization transformed the world
  19.       Industrialization changed social institutions
  20.       The ancient forager diet was healthier
  21.       Reasons for the success of nations
  22.       Why did Rome fall?
  23.       The German unification was driven by leadership
  24.       Does the institution of government help prevent crimes?
  25.       Did industrialization increase greed? As discussed earlier if you cannot write or if it is not your piece of cake you can hire an essay writing service.
  26.       Racism is a defining experience in American history
  27.       Voting rights for women increased their social power
  28.         Abortion rights increase sexual deviance
  29.       Gender roles were historically beneficial
  30.       Gender roles do not apply to the modern world
  31.       Animal testing is necessary for modern science
  32.       Ideological divides caused major wars
  33.       Education has to be made inclusive
  34.       The wars with the greatest casualties happened in Asia
  35.       Africa remains undeveloped due to its geography
  36.       European colonization is responsible for poverty
  37.       The wrong division of African borders is responsible for civil wars
  38.       The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is the greatest loss
  39.       The Egyptians were cruel rulers
  40.       Spanish flu was spread by soldiers
  41.       New professions were created by the World Wars.
  42.       WWI caused WWII
  43.       Hitler caused WWII
  44.       The US ended the WWII
  45.       The world economy regressed due to WWII
  46.       Minority Rights in the US
  47.       The golden age of Britain owed to Queen Elizabeth
  48.       Greek civil war caused by political polarization
  49.   BREXIT was a result of nationalism

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So don’t worry and get started on your history paper. You can do it!


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